Monday, November 2, 2009

Sleepover Fun

Donovan has been working so hard at school that I told him he could have a friend over on Friday, so he invited his friend Jake. Jake is such a sweet kid, he would be welcome at our house anytime. The kids took all these pictures except for the one that had all three of them in it, the funny story behind that one is that I am sitting inside making dinner, Jake and Donovan are trying to wrestle and Natalie comes running across the yard and piles on top, she really does think she is one of the boys. Caught both of them by suprise and they all ended up in a big heap on the ground, best part of all is that Jake is such a sweet kid that unlike some of Donovan's other guy friends, he just let Natalie join in, he didn't come whining inside to have me make her leave them alone. What fun everyone had that night, the boys stayed up late, eating leftovers from Mom's homemade pizza and hot wings. Natalie passed out in front of the Hannah Montana movie.
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