Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday ride through the hunting lease




Daniel took us on a ride through his new hunting lease this weekend. It was so beautiful, and so very relaxing after the past couple of weeks.
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SGI Bound!


Natalie had a birthday party in St George Island on Saturday, so we took Donovan and a couple of his friends along for the ride. I think the kids had a great time playing in the waves and hunting for periwinkles in the sand. It was beautiful weather for the beach!
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A Weekend with Papa and Nana



Well my photography business has really been picking up, so Donovan and Natalie got to spend some time with Papa and Nana last weekend while Mom took some pictures at a wedding. Donovan and Natalie had a great time showing me on Sunday when I picked them up that they had learned how to catch crawfish.
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The Bulldogs are UNDEFEATED!




Donovan's soccer team ended their season undefeated on Friday night. They celebrated with a pizza party at Rummy's. It was such a wonderful season, I think Donovan has found his sport, he scored three goals on Friday!
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Natalie's field trip to the Capital




Natalie got to take a field trip to the Capital buildings the other day. They were treated to something very special when they got to enter the Senate and the House of Representative rooms. What a special treat
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Very Own Princess




Natalie did a spectacular job on Saturday night at the pageant. She is so poised on stage, and did such a great job, we are so very proud of our little bit. She didn't win, but she sure won us over the second she stepped out there.
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Mother's Day Tea



What a beautiful way to start the Mother's Day weekend, a tea with Natalie and her kindergarten friends. Mrs. Pearce really outdid herself as well as all the other kindergarten teachers, it was a very special event and I loved having that time with Natalie. Granted, I cried a good bit of it, it was just so wonderful.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It is only fair



It was only fair that since Donovan has spent the past four months making sure that we all got our just dessert at El Jalisico, that he get his. And did we ever enjoy watching him squirm.
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Donovan's 10th Birthday Party

I can't believe it has been 10 years already. Donovan decided he wanted his birthday party at Fun Station, so we got to ride go karts, play laser tag, eat pizza, play video games, it was AWESOME! And even though Natalie and I were able to take the boys on in go karts, when it came to laser tag, me, Natalie and Nana Carol were just not enough to beat those old boys after all. But it was sure fun trying. It was Nana's first time at laser tag, and I think we will be trying it again real soon :)
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