Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Visit with Santa

We took the kids to see Santa last night, so that they could get all of their wishes in before he headed back to the North Pole to do his finishing touches. Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family!
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As part of Donovan's Christmas, I took he and his best friend, Jake to the WWE Wrestling event that was here in Tallahassee on Sunday. They had a wonderful time, we told them on Saturday and so they spent time making posters that they took with them and we got them each a tshirt at the event, which they have already decided to wear the first day back at school. It was such a blessing to get to take them, they had so much fun.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Few I Missed




Here are a couple pics that I missed from my cell phone from the Savannah trip, you can see Natalie tasting the Muscadine Cider in her own wine glass, boy she really thought she was something else. And Natalie petting Butterscotch before our carriage ride. Natalie relaxing on our bed in the Marshall House, it was really a beautiful place, I would suggest it to anyone wanting to stay in Savannah, and of course Natalie and I after our 6am wake up call.
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Christmas Cookies!




We started our Christmas baking last night with gingerbread cookies and fudge, we have a couple more recipes tonight and then it will be time to package them all up and take them to the kids wonderful teachers. We have really been blessed this year, the kids' teachers are just phenomenal, we couldn't have asked for anything better. They are both really enjoying this school year, and I can't help but put that on the teachers they have, Mrs. Pearce and Mrs. Strickland are just WONDERFUL!
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Donovan's School Christmas Play

Donovan had his school Christmas play last night, he was in the chorus. They did a wonderful job, it was a very sweet story and I'm so glad he was a part of it. I'm so proud of our little man.
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All dressed up



It is not very often that I can get the kids all dressed up for pictures, but Donovan had his school play last night and he was in the chorus, so I was able to get these before we left the house.
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Monday, December 14, 2009

A night at the ballet




Saturday night, we decided to go and see the Savannah Danse Theatre perform the Nutcracker ballet, none of us girls had ever seen it, and so away we went. It was beautiful, the orchestra was amazing, and we all had a wonderful time. After the ballet, we decided to go and have a nice dinner at the Olde Pink House, the food was delicious and there was a woman that was walking around and singing at the tables. Natalie didn't quite know about all of that, but she loved just being one of the girls. I really have to say that she amazed me this weekend. We were constantly on the go and doing all sorts of new things, and she was such a trooper, never complaining, and besides the short spell of crying because she didn't want to go on the tug boat across the bay, she went along with whatever activities we came up with. I'm so proud of Natbug. What a great weekend we had, I think we are going to start planning one for next year.
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Our First Attempt at Ice Skating



So we heard that the Civic Center had been turned into an ice skating rink, and we decided we would try it out. We didn't make it far from the wall, but we sure had fun trying it out anyway.
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A little bit of shopping




After breakfast, we decided to head down to River St for some shopping. We really didn't buy much, but the window shopping was so much fun, and we found this really fun candy store, so of course we had to sample a little. Natalie got her fortune told by Zoltar (for all my Tom Hanks fans out there), and then we walked up to the Civic Center for some Ice Skating.
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Saturday morning wakeup call



My little wake up call, otherwise known as Natalie, decided that 6 was long enough to sleep in, so we quietly got up, got showered and dressed and decided to go out and watch Savannah wake up while Ms. Allison got a few more minutes of sleep before starting the day. The weather wasn't very nice, but it didn't stop us from looking around.
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Savannah with Natalie and Allison - Friday night

I have been planning a trip to Savannah with one of my oldest friends, Allison and Natalie. We decided to have a full on girlie weekend full of shopping, Christmas lights, and sightseeing. We started off the weekend Friday night at City Market. We stopped off at a little winery and joined in some wine tasting, Natalie got to taste her first muscadine grape cider, while Ms. Allison and I tasted some muscadine grape wines, and where they ever tasty. We left the wine tasting and headed over to the carriage stand for our carriage ride through downtown, we got to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights, it was amazing. When we got back to City Market, we headed over to Vinny Go Go's for pizza, and I must say if you are ever in Savannah and looking for some good pizza, go to Vinny Go Go's it was delicious, so good I thought about bringing a pie home for Daniel and Donovan to try. After dinner it was time to head back to the Marshall House for a good night sleep before our big day on Saturday.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Learning to count with musical chairs



Mrs. Pearce, Natalie's teacher is so very creative, she was working with the kids on their counting and they decided to play a game of musical chairs. What a fun way to use subtraction!
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Reindeer, Reindeer Everywhere!


Thanks to Mrs. Terry for this idea. Nana Carol and I volunteered in Natalie's class on Friday and we made reindeer. Donovan, Daniel and Natalie had collected these guys on their day of hog hunting and we brought in the rest of the supplies and away we went. It was great, it amazes me that even in Wakulla County there are kids that don't spend alot of time in nature, there were a few that hadn't ever seen anything like the palm droppings that we had. It is always fun to share something with the little ones, they are always open to learning new things.
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What ? :)?

Too funny not to share, I'm sure she was telling me something of the utmost importance :)
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Pretty Little Thing

Can you believe that this is the only picture that I took over the Thanksgiving holiday, except for the one that I caught on my cell phone of Natalie during our Black Friday excursion that I texted to Daniel.
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