Friday, April 23, 2010

Bulldogs vs Panthers, We WON 3-2

Donovan played GREAT last night. He got to spend some time as goalie, and he blocked three shots, WAY TO GO DONOVAN! We are so proud of him and his team! GOOOOO BULLDOGSSSSSS!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bulldog Soccer Schedule

I wanted to get Donovan's soccer schedule out there so you all can come by and see him play. He is very excited about this season, and we are very proud of him. All games are at the Wakulla Rec Park on field 10A (the field right in front of the concession stand)

Thursday, April 22nd, 6pm
Thursday, April 29th, 6:50pm
Tuesday, May 4th, 7:40pm
Thursday, May 6th, 7:40pm
Tuesday, May 11th, 6:50pm
Thursday, May 13th, 6pm
Thursday, May 20th, 6pm
Friday, May 21st, 6pm


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bulldog Soccer 2010




Donovan started the spring soccer league last night. His team name is the Bulldogs. I will post his schedule as soon as we get it. He is very excited about this season, it is his first soccer season and he ended up with several of his friends from school on his team. GO BULLDOGS!
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Movie Day

For Daniel's birthday we took him to go see a couple of movies that we have been dving to see. We started off with Clash of the Titans in 3D, we were disappointed, not at all what we had anticipated, we both agreed that we liked the original better. Then we went to see How to Train vour Dragon in IMAX 3D, and if you haven't seen an IMAX 3D movie, we highly suggest it, it was spectacular! Besides, you get to wear these really cool oversized glasses, who could resist!
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Spring Break 2010 - A Day of Fishing

I was able to take off on Wednesday and spent the day fishing with Daniel, Donovan, Natalie and Donovan's friend Jake. We had a wonderful time, and had a good mess of fish too. The excitement of the day was Natalie finding and Daniel killing a moccasin that was about 3 and 1/2 or 4 ft long. I could do without that excitement next time though.
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Spring Break 2010 - Here flounder, flounder, flounder


We took Natalie on her first floundering trip, she wasn't real sure about being in the water at dark, but after we caught the first flounder, she was having a blast! Man I love living near the coast!
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Spring Break 2010 - What Mom Doesn't Know...

Daniel and Natalie had some time to waste waiting to get Donovan from his fishing trip with Nana and Papa, so Dad took Natalie for some ice cream, need I say more...
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Spring Break 2010 - Kicking things off right

Daniel started the kids spring break vacation by taking them turkey hunting, they got to hear a couple, but never got a shot at any. They ended up having a great time, even if Dad did get them up before the sun!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Angels 2010

Well, tball season is over, we celebrated with Natalie's team at their end of season party last week, she will miss seeing her friends, but I don't know that she will mind missing the sport itself, she seems to like being a little more active than she can be in tball. We were very proud of her and how far she has come since her first season.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Look at all those Easter Bunnies!



We did some face painting in Natalie's class on Friday, all the kids got to look like a bunny, they really enjoyed that!
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Here comes Peter Cotton Tail....




What a beautiful Easter, the kids had a great time coloring their "speckle" eggs, even though it was a mess. We had a great lunch over at Uncle Bill and Auntie Chell's house.
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