Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Donovan's First Trip to the Dentist


Today Donovan had his first "big kid" visit to the dentist. Just a routine cleaning, but all is going well, he will need to see a pediatric dentist to take care of some things, but overall, all was good. He seemed to relax a little once things got going.
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Week Full of Events

This should be a true test to Mommy's endurance this week. My boss gets back in town tomorrow, Samson has to go back to the vet tomorrow for his booster shot, Donovan has his first trip to the dentist on Wed, Friday is a day full of Halloween. Natalie's school is having a parade at 10 am, Donovan's school is having a dress up party at 1pm, Nana and Daddy will be joining me this day, then we have trick or treating fun all night. Donovan is also having his red ribbon week this week, with different dress up each day, and with him missing school on Friday with that awful stomach bug, we have catchup work from last week to finish up too. Oh, we also have to finish our Halloween Cookie Baskets for Donovan and Natalie's parties on Friday, I will of course take some pics to share. Whew, I'm tired just writing about it. Well, if I survive, I will post some really fun pics this week....


We carved our pumpkins yesterday. Lexi came over to help out. It started off a little emotional, Natalie had missed out on her afternoon nap and started off a little fussy, but once we got going it was alot of fun. We have two pumpkins, one of them is a two-faced pumpkin with a face on each side, the kids really liked that one. We also made some halloween candy and carmel apples. We skipped the candy apples yesterday, Mommy was really tired after this past week and this weekend. Well, here goes another week.
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Whaley Family Reunion


The Whaley family reunion was this Sunday. We all had alot of fun catching up and visiting with everyone. The kids really enjoyed playing with their cousins, especially Lexi.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Davis' have returned to Crawfordville

YAY, Mom and Dad are back from their road trip and man was everyone happy to see them.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mommy is not Samson's favorite person

Samson got his halloween costume yesterday and we wanted him to try it on. Hopefully he won't have this sour puss look the whole time he wears it.
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First of the Season

We have meat for the freezer, that's right, Daniel killed two deer on Sunday. Archery season opened this weekend and he had a little luck on his side.
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Mom and Natalie's Fun Day




Donovan was staying away from home this weekend, so with opening season for hunting, Natalie and I got to have alot of time just us girls. We went to the movies on Friday and to the Jr Museum on Saturday and we cooked on Sunday, and boy did we cook. We were making some meals that we could freeze for easy dinners throughout the weeks to come, chili, meatloaf, tacos, pork ribs, yum, yum, makes me hungry thinking about it again. But us girls had a blast last weekend. I can't wait to do it again this weekend.
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dan passed his exam!

YAY, last step...DONE! Dan passed his state exam, we got the results last night.