Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mr. Baseball

Donovan had his end of season party last night. We are supposed to have a game tonight, but we are expecting rain again, so we are pretty sure the season is over. The boys all played really well and we are very proud of Donovan.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Giants Team Photos

Natalie's coaches worked with one of the parents on her team to take pics of the kids throughout the season and he posted them on Flickr, I thought I would share with all of you if you wanted to see some more pics of her games.....http://www.flickr.com/photos/mre23/collections/72157615213841374/
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First shots with new lenses



For my birthday, Pam passed down her lenses from her Minolta camera so that I could use them with my new Sony, so last night I took the first shots with the new lenses. There are some functions on the camera that do not work with the lenses, so I have a little more learning until I get good with the new lenses, but that just means I need to play with my camera more and you all know how much I just hate that...ha, ha, ha, I can't wait for the weekend to get outside and play around with settings. I don't think these turned out bad, but a little more practice and I think they will be much better. So you know what that means, you will be seeing alot more pics from me in the coming weeks ;)
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Friday, March 20, 2009

TBall/Baseball is winding up

The season is coming to an end, one more week. Next Saturday is closing cermonies, games and celebrations for the kids. WHEW, almost there. The kids are really enjoying it and they are both doing great, we are so proud of both of them and their hard work, it has been interesting at times, between keeping up with school, life and game schedules, but they have been troopers.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Couldn't resist one more closeup of the bee :)

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Natalie has been published!

The Wakulla News held a wildlife photography contest a few weeks ago and Natalie won in the youth age division for this picture of "sand gnatts". We are so proud of her, they said they will be publishing the picture in this week's newspaper and online at www.thewakullanews.com, so go check it out if you have time.
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Signs of Spring



Spring is finally coming to Florida, it seems like the cold weather is finally slipping away a little bit and we have had wonderful temperatures the last few days. The flowers are starting to bloom and the bees are stopping by for a little nectar.
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Natalie is now 5!

Well, our baby girl is now 5, and it is still hard to believe. She had a great birthday weekend. We started Friday afternoon at her school with cupcakes and treats for all her friends at school, then we let Natalie pick her birthday dinner of Beef O'Brady's and they did the singing and ice cream which was hillarious, and on Saturday, she got to see all her other friends at the park. I think everyone had a wonderful time, the birthday girl is now wanting to know when she is going to be 6, oh if she only knew that one day she would be wanting to turn the clock backwards.
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Season Openers

I apologize for the delay in getting these posts up, I have been a little under the weather, but am doing much better now. So we had both opening games on Saturday, March 7th. Natalie and the other Giants did a great job, we are so proud of them all. Donovan and the Cardinals won their first game 9-8, Donovan got a good hit during his second at bat and caught the ball at first for an out on the other team, so I would say for his first "real" baseball game, he did magnificent. He seems to be playing first base alot, and is really enjoying it. The season is just beginning, so there will be many more to come. We have a double header on Thursday night, and it will be the only double header that they won't be playing at the same time, so if anyone would like to come out, it would be a great night to catch both games.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Schedules are Up

We have the TBall/Baseball schedules for Donovan and Natalie. All games last an hour. Donovan is always on Field 6 or 7, they are the pitching machine fields, if you go to the main concession stand and are facing the stand, take a left to the quad of fields in the far back corner, fields 6 and 7 are the furthest two fields. Natalie's games are kind of all over, so if you can't find the number on the fields, then you could ask the main concession stand, they will know. Most of the TBall fields are in front of the main concession stand. I will let you know if there are any changes, but right now, here it is.....

Saturday, March 7, 10:30am, Field 7
Monday, March 9, 6:10pm, Field 6
Thursday, March 12, 7:10pm, Field 7
Monday, March 16, 6:10pm, Field 6
Thursday, March 19, 7:10pm, Field 7
Tuesday, March 24, 7:10pm, Field 6
Thursday, March 26, 6:10pm, Field 6
Saturday, March 28, 11:00am, Field 7

Saturday, March 7, 10:15am, Field 12
Thursday, March 12, 6:15pm, Field 12
Friday, March 13, 7:00pm, Field 11
Tuesday, March 17, 6:15pm, Field 13
Thursday, March 19, 7:00pm, Field 13
Monday, March 23, 6:15pm, Field 15
Thursday, March 26, 6:15pm, Field 15

Combined for anyone who would like to see both of them

Saturday, March 7, Natalie 10:15 F12, Donovan 10:30 F7
Monday, March 9, Donovan 6:10 F6
Thursday, March 12, Natalie 6:15 F12, Donovan 7:10 F7
Friday, March 13, Natalie 7:00 F11
Monday, March 16, Donovan 6:10 F6
Tuesday, March 17, Natalie 6:15 F13
Thursday, March 19, Natalie 7:00 F13, Donovan 7:10 F7
Monday, March 23, Natalie 6:15 F15
Tuesday, March 24, Donovan 7:10 F6
Thursday, March 26, Donovan 6:10 F6, Natalie 6:15 F15
Saturday, March 28, Donovan 11:00 F7

Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday Party Weekend

We had a couple of birthday parties to attend this weekend and the kids all had so much fun. The party on Sunday was a little colder than we expected, but the kids enjoyed themselves anyway.
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Daniel made it to practice

Donovan had practice on Friday night and Daniel was able to make it out, the kids were so excited to have their Dad out at the practice.
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Signature Moves

Natalie is showing that she has a signature move, every time she runs to first base after she hits the ball, she holds onto her helmet, it is so funny. We have checked to make sure that it isn't too big, but she does it anyway.
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