Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bathroom Tile Project

A couple years ago, we had the tub surround replaced in the bathroom, well, we never got around to finishing the trim around the surround....until last night. You guys all know by now that when I get a project in my head, it doesn't go away until it is done. So last night, I got everything together I needed to install the tile, grout and trim the tile for the tub surround. And I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. I am also looking at using some of the large glass tiles in the window area to finish trimming that section out, but it is already much better.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Families in Nature at the St Marks Refuge



Saturday, the kids and I went to the St Marks Wildlife Refuge, Families in Nature activity. It was a great time for all of us, the kids even got to go in the lighthouse and meet the lighthouse keeper. We got to search for bugs and even got up close with a baby alligator along the walking trail, we didn't hang out long with that little guy cause we could hear mom in the pond not far away and we weren't as eager to meet her. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful, what more could you ask for.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pampered Chef Family Gathering Party!

I was talking with my banker the other day at Florida Commerce and he mentioned this program that they had recently begun, and during our conversation he mentioned that the branch I primarily deal with is supporting the Grosh Family in their We Live Fit Challenge, you can check it out here Anyway, the family is trying their best to turn around their financial situation without the use of government assistance and handouts, and the family in this competition that does the best over the year will not only win their financial freedom, but they are also rewarded with $10,000. So after talking with him and finding out the struggles that these families are dealing with, I thought it would be great to host a Pampered Chef party with Mrs. Grosh as my consultant. So I called Diana, and we have scheduled a Family Pampered Chef Gathering at my house on Monday, May 11, 2009 at 7pm. We thought a Family Gathering would be fun, because we could do recipies that would be fun even for the kids to join in on, so bring the kids, bring the husband, and bring your stretchy pants, because we are gonna let Diana cook us up some yummy treats, and think, you won't even have to worry with cooking dinner on a Monday, it doesn't get any better than that. If you can't make it, you can place a web order or even host a party with Diana. What she is trying to do for her family is wonderful, and we are wishing them the best of luck in the coming year. See you Monday, May 11th, oh, and if you need directions, you can message me and I will be happy to get them to you. And if I have your email address, you will be harrassed later as well :)
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

OOOPS, I forgot....

I forgot to mention that I posted more pictures under our Picasa web albums if you want to see even more Sea World adventures.....

The Bass Pro Dancing Queen

This was just too funny not to share. Natalie just couldn't stop dancing through Bass Pro, so I finally decided to video her and her moves.

Post Pirate Activities



After the Pirate dinner, the night was still young, so we discussed taking the kids to the movies to see Monsters vs Aliens, and as we pulled into the parking lot, low and behold what do we see.....BASS PRO. So we stopped at Bass Pro for the big kid to look at some new toys. Needless to say we didn't make it to Monsters vs Aliens, but we did get a new turkey call, which really freaked out the people in the cars next to us as we drove back to the hotel through the slow going traffic with the windows down.
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Pirate Dinner Adventure...ARGH

The Pirate Dinner Adventure was a BLAST! We got tickets in the orange area, so that the kids could be part of the show, we arrived early for the appetizers and preshow, and the kids got to participate in the preshow embarrassment of their parents. They called all the kids up to the front, then asked that the parents come stand behind their children in order to protect them, they then asked the parents to hold hands and proceeded to have us all dance around like crazy people, the kids loved that they got one over on Mom and Dad, so it was worth the blushing. After that the pirates stormed into the waiting area and "captured" everyone to their seats for dinner. The show was so entertaining that you could almost forget to eat, the food wasn't spectacular, but lets be real, you are paying for the show, not the food. At the end of the show the kids got to dress up and help to save the Princess from the Pirate, there were cannons blasting and water going everywhere. I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or us.
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Sea World Day 2

Our second day started out much the same as our first, only the kids had been dying to ride the trolley, so instead of driving over to Sea World, we caught the trolley over. The kids got to learn a lesson about public prepared to wait patiently. Although the trolley pulled us right up to the side entrance and we got right through without the wait of the previous day. This morning we decided to start off with the shows we missed from the first day that we wanted to make sure we got to see, and since they didn't open until 10, we stopped off to see the penguins and took a ride on the tower, which takes you up about 300ft, so we got a bird's eye view of Sea World. Once the gates opened for Shamu at 10, we raced over so that we could get good seats and make sure we were in the "Splash Zone". We really wanted the kids to get soaked by Shamu, unfortunately, Shamu was not being cooperative, so no splashing for the Whaleys, but we still really enjoyed the show. After Shamu we headed to the Wild Arctic, and when they warn you of motion sickness, you really should pay attention, Natalie and I came off the ride white as sheets, not my shining moment of the trip as I thought I was going to embarrass myself by losing my breakfast on the kid sitting next to me, but we survived and headed out to see the Alure show. Alure makes me think of Cirque De Solei meets Sea World, it was full of acrobatics and dancing, and besides the two foreign women who sat behind us and wouldn't shut up, it was a great show, after the show the kids even got to go down to the stage and meet the actors. After the show we headed back to Key West for a light lunch and more sting ray petting, face painting and tatoos. By this point, we are getting late in the afternoon and it was time to go wait for our trolley to head back to the hotel to freshen up for the night.
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Daniel's Birthday Dinner




The kids and I took Daniel to Kobe's a Japanese Steakhouse for his 31st birthday dinner celebration. The food was great and the chef was pretty funny. The best part was when Natalie got up in front of everyone at our hibachi and announced that it was her Daddy's birthday and then proceeded to stand there and point at Daniel from across the hibachi. After dinner we headed back to the hotel to watch the fireworks from Sea World, we decided watching them from our room was much more fun than fighting the crowds for a good seat.
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Sea World Day 1

The first day started off with a bang, we got up at 7am, got everyone ready, stopped off for breakfast and headed to Sea World. We got to see the dolphin nursery full of mommies to be, then headed down to the Clyde and Seymore sea lion show, and I must say the mime that started the show off was hilarious, this show was worth catching. After the show we headed over to the shark tunnel, and the horses, they had the "Budwieser" horses out so you could pet them. Then on to Shamu Harbor for the kids to ride a few rides, they even got to play the steel drums for a few minutes. After the rollercoaster ride, which Natalie loved by the way, we headed to the family picnic for some lunch. This is by far the best lunch value in the park, the food was good and it was not crowded and the staff was very friendly and helpful. After lunch we were all getting overwhelmed, but we continued on to see the dolphins and went over to Key West, where Natalie got her face painted and Donovan got his tatoo (the sticker kind). After that we got to pet stingrays, see Manatees and then headed for the roller coaster. Natalie wanted to ride the Journey to Atlantis ride, and besides the hour and 45 minute wait, it was by far one of our favorite things to do. After a little drenching on the ride, we stopped by to view the indoor aquarium with the under floor tank, and we can now say that Natalie has walked on water. By this point we were all a little tired and headed back to the hotel to change for the evening festivities, because after all, Friday was Daniel's 31st birthday!
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New Form of Exercise

We got to see these guys perform while we were at Sea World, talk about a workout, this would really get you in shape fast.....Bring on the Stilts!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dawning Day

Our trip to Sea World was spectacular! I will share some of the fun we had over the next few blogs. Our hotel was great, we stayed at the Days Inn on International Drive, we could even see Sea World from the balcony, so we got to watch the fireworks show every night without having to fight the crowds.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wakulla Springs Wildlife

With the recent rain and flooding, the animals were finally ready to be out and about last weekend. The gators and snakes were very abundant and often a little close for comfort. But as always, the kids really enjoyed the river cruise and can't wait for the glass bottom boats to open back up.
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Natalie and the Wildlife Festival

We went to Wakulla Springs this past weekend to the Wildlife Festival to see Natalie's picture that won first place in the youth division on display. And while we were there we stopped by to have an old fashioned root beer float at the soda counter. And you can't go to the springs and not take a river boat cruise so even though the water was high, away we went. I will post some of the wildlife pics we got in a bit.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Growing Up Fast

Our little Natalie has decided that she wants to be a "Princess on a Stage" aka, she wants to be in a pageant. There is a local pageant that she would like to enter. The pageant will be Saturday, May 9, 2009 at the Wakulla High School auditorium, and we would love to have everyone who can make it attend and support our baby girl. I will of course remind everyone as the date comes closer, but be sure to mark your calendars for Natalie's stage debut. Oh, by the way, since we told her she could do it, Donovan has decided he is her pageant coach and has been trying to show her how to wave and smile, I will shoot video soon and share, because it is just too funny not to.
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