Monday, August 31, 2009

Natbug the cheerleader and advanced reader

I had to share some news about our little Natbug, first, she has decided she wants to do cheerleading this year and since they lowered the minimum age, now she can. I signed her up on Friday, and of course lots of pictures will be following.

Also, we found out on Friday that Natalie has been placed in an advanced readers group for the Kindergarten classes. We are very proud of her for this, she is really enjoying school and trying real hard to be the very best. Donovan is also doing well in school so far, he likes both of his primary teachers very much and is getting into the routine, hopefully this will continue. He decided that football might interfere with his hunting, so he decided not to play football this year. He still didn't weigh enough for tackle and flag football wasn't what he wanted to do, so we think that he came to this conclusion for many reasons, but I'm not complaining, having both of them in a sport that runs simultaneously is very stressful on the whole house.

Garden Visitors



These guys decided to drop by and visit this weekend, so of course they got their picture taken. I missed a good shot of a humming bird that has been frequenting, hopefully I will get to my camera in time next time.
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Beach Babies



We love the beach, this past weekend was finally sunny, so we headed out to soak up some sun and fresh air. There is something about the waves that are very soothing.
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Bradley turned 4!

Natalie and Donovan got to go to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Bradley's 4th birthday. All the kids had a wonderful time, we even managed to convince Natalie and Donovan to hold onto their tickets for our next trip since they both want the "Big" toys that they like to dangle from the ceiling. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BMAN!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Surgery went Great!

Friday's surgery went well, got to the hospital a little before 7:30, got into surgery around 9:30 and was headed home around 2, I think, I was still a little loopy from all the drugs. Daniel got me home and nursed me Friday and Saturday and until he had to go back to work on Sunday, and by nursed, I mean he wouldn't let me do a thing, not even take my plate to the kitchen, but he was so great, I will let him slide on being slightly overbearing. I have slight soreness around the incision, but no other real pain to speak of. Thanks for all the well wishes.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

School Dayz!

The kids started school today, that's right, Natalie is now a big school kinda girl. Donovan got stung by a yellow jacket yesterday and we had hoped that it wouldn't be very noticeable, however, since he was stung just above his eye, the swelling was pretty noticeable. He asked if he could skip his first day of school and of course, we said no, so off to school he went, totally prepared to be laughed at by the other kids. So we get to his class, and this boy walks up to him and this is the conversation Daniel and I overhear, "Dude, what happened to your eye", "I got stung by a yellow jacket", "That is so cool, when I get stung by bees, my throat swells and I could die"...needless to say, no laughing, and then the day went on for our little man. We left Donovan in his class and took Natalie down to the kindergarten hallway, she did great, and I am happy to report that I didn't shed a tear, not even one. I think it has alot to do with knowing that Natalie is in really good hands with Mrs. Pearce and she was so excited about starting her day. I will miss having babies in the house, but watching them grow is so amazing. (Not to mention, Mrs. Pearce's classroom was so cool, that I wanted to stay for a while)
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Donovan catching a Big Red Fish

Here is that video I promised

Donovan and his big catch!


There is our fisherman with his 28" red!
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Red Fishing with Papa and Nana

Donovan got to go Red Fishing with his Papa and Nana and they had a great day, Donovan got to catch a 28" Red Fish, he had to let it go as it is too big for the legal limit, but he sure had fun catching it. Papa and Nana got it on video so that will be here soon.
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First Pics at Goodwood Museum and Gardens



As many of you know I have started taking portraits about and around, well I found a new place in town that I have been dying to try so Natalie agreed to be my little guinea pig and let me take some shots on Friday. These were just a few of the ones that I really liked. I have uploaded the rest of them to our web albums, you can click on the link on the right to the Whaley's Picasa albums and I have them listed under Goodwood Gardens
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crabbing with all the cousins

Papa and Nana got brave enough to take all the kids crabbing, and I think everyone had a wonderful time!
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What would you dooooo for a klondike bar...


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Crabbin with Papa and Nana

Tuesday, Papa and Nana took, Donovan, Natalie and Riley crabbing. Boy did they ever have fun!

Get along little horsey

Natalie and Donovan horsing around at Nana and Papa's house after a day full of crabbing last week.

Bowling Fun

I took yesterday off so that I could spend some time with the kids before they started back at school, so we decided to go bowling. This was Natalie's first trip, and she beat both Donovan and I on the first game. Donovan came back in the second game to beat me and Natalie so everyone went home happy. I never said I was a great bowler, so it was no suprise that I didn't win, but the kids enjoyed beating me, so that was well worth it. They can't wait to go again.
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