Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jamboree Saturday

Saturday is the opening jamboree for Natalie's cheerleading. She has a game to cheer for at 9am and 11am at the Rec Park. We don't have the field numbers, but they can't be too hard to find, they have bright yellow jerseys with red writing.

Monday, September 28, 2009

More Downtown Getdown Fun

So we went back to the Downtown Getdown on Friday, and the kids got to see a bunch of antique cars and motorcycles, they even saw a motorcycle with green running lights underneath, we determined it looked like a UFO when it is going down the road.
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Pajama Party

Natalie's class got to have a Pajama Party on Friday, they are learning about the letter P. It was lots of fun, popcorn and juice while watching Peter Pan, what fun, what fun!
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Natalie Jumping

A little less than successful on the first attempt

Natalie's Toe Touch

Natalie trying to do a toe touch at cheerleading practice

Monday, September 21, 2009

Natalie's Mad Photo Skillz

I had to share this picture that Natalie got on our boat cruise yesterday at the Springs, I think it turned out GREAT!
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Birthday party fun at the springs



Donovan had a birthday party yesterday at Wakulla Springs, so in order to give him a little "big" boy freedom, I took Natalie on a boat cruise and we had a girly lunch in the lodge. Donovan really enjoyed spending time with his friends and not feeling like Mom and Lil Sis were right on his heels, he is getting to be such a little man.
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Natalie's First Cheerleading Practice

Natalie had her first cheerleading practice on Saturday, she did really great and we can't wait to see what the season will bring. Go Blaze!
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Teddy Bear Tea Party


Natalie's class has been learning the letter T this past week, so they finished the week off with a Teddy Bear Tea Party, man would it be fun to be in kindergarten again.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Downtown Getdown on Tallahassee Democrat online


While at the Getdown on Friday, the Tallahassee Democrat was taking fan pictures and the kids and I got our picture taken. It is posted online at http://www.tallahassee.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Avis=CD&Dato=20090914&Kategori=NEWS05&Lopenr=909140801&Ref=PH , we are picture #50 when I checked this morning.
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Cheerleading and Cougar of the Week

Natalie is having a very big week. She was selected as the Cougar of the Week for her class at school, she got to be on the morning announcements yesterday and she got to eat on the stage with a friend. She asked Trey to join her for lunch, he is the cute little boy that helped her with her "Monster" man drawing on Friday. We are so proud of her. We also talked to the rec park yesterday, Natalie will be on the BLAZE cheerleading squad, we should start practicing in the next week, her coach was out of town last week, so we are waiting to hear from her.

Monday, September 14, 2009

FSU vs JSU...YAY Football!!!

Donovan and I got to go to the FSU vs JSU game on Saturday, and even though it rained and we got SOAKED, we had a blast. This was Donovan's first football game in Doak Campbell Stadium and man did it turn out wonderful. The awe of that place is experienced by all who enter, even on a rainy afternoon.
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Suprise Visit and Beads, lots and lots of beads...




We got to have a suprise visit from Carra and Desirae this weekend, they came by to hang out for a bit with Donovan and Natalie on Saturday. While they were here, Desirae and Natalie decided they wanted to bead some necklaces and bracelets while Donovan and Carra played a couple video games. They did such a great job on their beads.
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Downtown Getdown 9/11/09

The kids and I went to the Downtown Getdown on Friday, and what fun that was. If you haven't been, we highly suggest going. We parked at the Kleman Plaza and walked up, but there was so much for the kids to do and everything except for food and beverages was FREE, yep, the kids got their faces painted, balloon animals, there was a bouncy house, beach sand in the street to build sand castles and the FSU Varsity Cheerleaders were walking around and visiting with the kids, Donovan even got to have a chat with the Hooter girls. It was AWESOME!
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Body Parts

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Natalie and her class are learning about body parts, so when I went in to volunteer on Friday, we got to do a little project. The kids got to trace one of their classmates onto a piece of paper and then color them in, today they will be working on internal organs and will be putting them onto their cutouts. They all had so much fun, these kids are really great!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pre-Labor Day Fun



Saturday started off with a bang, we set out early for some yard sale fun with Grandmother. I gave Donovan and Natlie each $5 to spend how they wanted, and boy did they rack up, Natalie ended up with two costumes for Halloween, Dorothy and Scarecrow, Donovan informed us that he would not be the Scarecrow, so we of course told him that we were so glad he was volunteering for Dorothy. We got home in time to see Daniel before he had to go to work, and then we headed out to the beach with Mrs. Danielle and Bradley. It is always so fun to sit on the beach and listen to the waves. Natalie made a new little friend while we were there and the kids of course didn't want to leave when the time came. But we headed out and went to dinner at Riverside. I always love doing things on the weekend, but man oh man am I tired when the week begins.
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War Eagle Home Opener



Friday turned out to be one busy little day, it started off with Mom going to the gym, then home to get the kids off to school and head to work, after work, I volunteered in Natalie's class, which is always a good time, and then home to mow the grass before the football game. We picked up Grandmother (Pam) and off to the game we went. The War Eagles played Taylor County and we WON, we only stayed until half time, Natalie was getting a little tired, so we headed out with full hopes of coming to the next home game on Oct 2nd. The kids always enjoy football and we loved having Grandmother there with us.
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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Lion gets a new Do...Go War Eagles

The kids asked to paint the lion again, so we decided to paint him for the first home game of the War Eagle season, he is now a proud War Eagle football player. Mrs. Danielle and Bradley joined us in the painting fun, which is always a blast. The War Eagles are the Wakulla High school team, the same team that Daniel used to play for and that I used to cheer for, the kids and I will be there tonight to support them on the start of this new season...GO WAR EAGLES!!!
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