Monday, November 16, 2009

Fair Night!

We took the kids to the fair on Saturday night after a very full day of hunting. We started the night off, going by to see how Natalie and I did on the pictures we submitted for judging. Natalie got thrid place on one and fourth place on the other, and I got honorable mention on one of mine, so we were pretty happy with that. Then it was off to the petting zoo and to ride some rides. Natalie can now say that she has fed a camel, and Donovan has been bitten by a key deer. We also found out that Natalie is our dare devil, she wanted on all the fast rides, while Donovan wanted to enjoy the fun houses. It was pretty funny when the kids went through the house of mirrors, Daniel and I were standing out front watching them get through when all of a sudden we heard this *thwack*, it was Natalie colliding with the glass on one of the mazes, she stepped back and rubbed her forehead, while her good big brother Donovan was falling over laughing at her. Needless to say she was okay, but it sure was funny for all of the rest of us. We rode the bumper cars and even the Himalaya, and the kids got to play carnie games. But you know, for the first time ever, we went to the fair and didn't eat fair food. We decided that we had had enough "junk" food during the day of hunting, so we took the kids to dinner when we were all done.
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