Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sea World Day 2

Our second day started out much the same as our first, only the kids had been dying to ride the trolley, so instead of driving over to Sea World, we caught the trolley over. The kids got to learn a lesson about public prepared to wait patiently. Although the trolley pulled us right up to the side entrance and we got right through without the wait of the previous day. This morning we decided to start off with the shows we missed from the first day that we wanted to make sure we got to see, and since they didn't open until 10, we stopped off to see the penguins and took a ride on the tower, which takes you up about 300ft, so we got a bird's eye view of Sea World. Once the gates opened for Shamu at 10, we raced over so that we could get good seats and make sure we were in the "Splash Zone". We really wanted the kids to get soaked by Shamu, unfortunately, Shamu was not being cooperative, so no splashing for the Whaleys, but we still really enjoyed the show. After Shamu we headed to the Wild Arctic, and when they warn you of motion sickness, you really should pay attention, Natalie and I came off the ride white as sheets, not my shining moment of the trip as I thought I was going to embarrass myself by losing my breakfast on the kid sitting next to me, but we survived and headed out to see the Alure show. Alure makes me think of Cirque De Solei meets Sea World, it was full of acrobatics and dancing, and besides the two foreign women who sat behind us and wouldn't shut up, it was a great show, after the show the kids even got to go down to the stage and meet the actors. After the show we headed back to Key West for a light lunch and more sting ray petting, face painting and tatoos. By this point, we are getting late in the afternoon and it was time to go wait for our trolley to head back to the hotel to freshen up for the night.
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