Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sea World Day 1

The first day started off with a bang, we got up at 7am, got everyone ready, stopped off for breakfast and headed to Sea World. We got to see the dolphin nursery full of mommies to be, then headed down to the Clyde and Seymore sea lion show, and I must say the mime that started the show off was hilarious, this show was worth catching. After the show we headed over to the shark tunnel, and the horses, they had the "Budwieser" horses out so you could pet them. Then on to Shamu Harbor for the kids to ride a few rides, they even got to play the steel drums for a few minutes. After the rollercoaster ride, which Natalie loved by the way, we headed to the family picnic for some lunch. This is by far the best lunch value in the park, the food was good and it was not crowded and the staff was very friendly and helpful. After lunch we were all getting overwhelmed, but we continued on to see the dolphins and went over to Key West, where Natalie got her face painted and Donovan got his tatoo (the sticker kind). After that we got to pet stingrays, see Manatees and then headed for the roller coaster. Natalie wanted to ride the Journey to Atlantis ride, and besides the hour and 45 minute wait, it was by far one of our favorite things to do. After a little drenching on the ride, we stopped by to view the indoor aquarium with the under floor tank, and we can now say that Natalie has walked on water. By this point we were all a little tired and headed back to the hotel to change for the evening festivities, because after all, Friday was Daniel's 31st birthday!
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