Saturday, April 5, 2008

Surviving the Tornado

This afternoon was pretty scary for the Whaley family. We had a really bad thunderstorm come through. Natalie and I were at home, we got some heavy rain and some rough winds, I noticed at one point rain coming down from the east on one side of the house and coming down from the west on the other side of the house, that was pretty weird, but other than some heavy wind that tore the screen on Daniel's shed more, we got through with no damages. Donovan and Daniel had the real fright. They were stopping by Grandmother Pam's and Grandpa David's house and a tornado came through the back yard. Grandpa David and Daniel got Donovan and Cara in the house and in the bathroom until the tornado got through, but they had a little more damage than we did. Their swimming pool was airborne at one point and the carport for Pam's car was dragged across her car and torn up, luckily the car didn't have any evidence of damage. Everyone is safe and sound though and that is all you can really ask for.

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