Sunday, April 6, 2008

FSU Baseball Double Header

Today we took in an FSU Double Header against University of Virgina. We had tickets for the little league appreciation game, but Saturday's game was rained out so they offered a double header on Sunday if you had tickets for either game, so we went. Joe, Melanie, Noah and Micah joined us, and what fun it was. The kids were great, considering we were at the ballpark for almost 6 hours. We ate, we cheered and FSU won both games in extra innings. Daniel caught a t-shirt during the second game, one kid got upset saying that he couldn't believe they threw out a t-shirt to a guy with a Gator hat on, but Donovan was really excited he got one. We were also able to stop by and see Papa Frank and Nana Carol since Papa Frank just got back from down south fishing and Nana Carol worked on her flower beds, which are beautiful as ever. Then we stopped by to see Bumpa one more time before he and Cara headed south to see Uncle Daniel, yes, Daniel has an Uncle Daniel, kind neat huh?
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