Monday, August 31, 2009

Natbug the cheerleader and advanced reader

I had to share some news about our little Natbug, first, she has decided she wants to do cheerleading this year and since they lowered the minimum age, now she can. I signed her up on Friday, and of course lots of pictures will be following.

Also, we found out on Friday that Natalie has been placed in an advanced readers group for the Kindergarten classes. We are very proud of her for this, she is really enjoying school and trying real hard to be the very best. Donovan is also doing well in school so far, he likes both of his primary teachers very much and is getting into the routine, hopefully this will continue. He decided that football might interfere with his hunting, so he decided not to play football this year. He still didn't weigh enough for tackle and flag football wasn't what he wanted to do, so we think that he came to this conclusion for many reasons, but I'm not complaining, having both of them in a sport that runs simultaneously is very stressful on the whole house.

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