Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Weekend Extravaganza!

Well, this weekend was quite a bit busier than we had anticipated. Friday, Daniel came to work with me and we went to lunch and then headed off to see Taken (btw, one of the best movies of the year thus far, no cursing or extreme gore and it was AWESOME!). After a little fun, we went to pickup our new kitchen table, that's right, we now have a kitchen table...YAY. Then back to the house to drop off the new table and head off to Sopchoppy to visit with Kenny and Tracey (Kenny works with Dan at the prison for those folks who haven't heard us talk about them, Kenny is also knows as Lane). It was really nice, we visited with them for a while and decided to go down to Spring Creek Restaurant for a little early Valentines dinner, we closed the restaurant down just sitting and talking, telling old stories and laughing till it hurt. The next day we went to Papa and Nana Davis' house and got the kiddos and then came home to even more Valentine's fun, we had our first family dinner at the new dinner table and Dan outdid himself making ribs...YUM, YUM. Whew, I'm a little tired, so that is enough for now. Happy Valentines Day!

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