Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Is Here

Well, we always know when spring has arrived, our schedule becomes increasingly busy. We had a pretty eventful weekend. We started it off with a shopping trip for Me, Natalie, Aunt Carly and Hunter, Natalie ended up getting a new dress. After that we had a birthday party for one of Donovan's best friends, Hailey. Donovan had a small mishap on the trampoline, it didn't require any stitches, but he had a nice little cut on his forehead. I will try to show everyone pics tomorrow, he is still a little sensitive over the whole thing. After that Daniel went out with the boys for a little R&R and the kids and I went on a little outting, ending the night with some ice cream at McDonalds. Sunday the kids went over to Jancee and Wiggles to play for a little while and other than that it was a good day for relaxing, so that is what we did. Daniel and I got to watch a whole movie, WOW, for you parents out there, you know what I mean, for anyone who is interested...American Gangster is a really good movie. I'm sure I will have more to share as the week goes on. Donovan is having his awards ceremony at school on Thursday, Daniel has promised to take some pics for me, since I won't make it. So talk with you soon.
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