Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Natalie's Birthday Party Details


I just wanted to remind everybody that Natalie's 4th Birthday party is Sunday at 3:30 at our house. We are having a princess dress up tea party followed by a cookout for anyone who is interested, just bring a side dish, we will be having venison burgers with hot dogs, we will provide the burgers and dogs, we just ask that if you are staying for dinner that you bring something to go with it. See you Sunday!
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The Englands said...

PAR-TAY! umm can't believe she's 4. i think i met you guys when she was 9 months old??? hugs ml

The Whaleys said...

Yeah I can't wait, this is my last one, after this she will not want me to plan it for her, she will want to do it herself. I don't even know if she was that old, I don't think she was walking yet, man how time flies. It has been an eventful 4 years that is for sure.