Friday, November 5, 2010

Funny Natalie Stories

Well, Mom and Dad and I were talking about some of the funny things that come from our little natbug, so I thought I needed to share a few before I forgot them....

Story 1 - Summer 2010 - Crabbing Trip with Nana, Papa, Donovan, Natalie and Riley
Donovan and Riley are talking in the back seat on the way to the crabbing spot about all the dead animals they keep seeing on the side of the road, when Natbug pipes up with "Ya'll stop talking about all those animals, you are making me hungry"

Story 2 - Fall 2010 - Driving down the road in the car with Mom, Natalie and Donovan
Natalie and Donovan are talking in the back seat when Natalie says she is going to marry Justin Beiber, Donovan says, "well, I don't like Justin Beiber, so if you marry him, he is NOT welcome at my house" Natalie, "Well, I can't marry him, cause I don't know where he is right now", Mom "So the only reason you can't marry Justin Beiber is because you don't know where he is right this minute", Natalie "Well, Yeah" in her best DUH tone of voice

Story 3 - Fall 2010 - Again in the car, all these words of wisdom seem to come from the back seat of the car
Natalie "Mom, guess what sound we are learning in speech, sk, you know like skeered"
Mom "you mean scared"
Natalie "Yeah, like I said skeered"

Story 4 - Fall 2010 - On the way to school, Mom, Donovan and Natalie, a little background before this one starts, Samson, our 3 year old dog, came to us from Santa
Donovan "If I ever see Big Foot, I'm gonna shoot him"
Natalie "What if Samson is Big Foot"
Donovan "Samson can't be Big Foot, he is a dog"
Natalie "How do you know, Samson came from the North Pole"
Donovan "Well he is a dog and dogs are dogs"
Natalie "Well, you don't know, he could be Big Foot"

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