Monday, December 14, 2009

A night at the ballet




Saturday night, we decided to go and see the Savannah Danse Theatre perform the Nutcracker ballet, none of us girls had ever seen it, and so away we went. It was beautiful, the orchestra was amazing, and we all had a wonderful time. After the ballet, we decided to go and have a nice dinner at the Olde Pink House, the food was delicious and there was a woman that was walking around and singing at the tables. Natalie didn't quite know about all of that, but she loved just being one of the girls. I really have to say that she amazed me this weekend. We were constantly on the go and doing all sorts of new things, and she was such a trooper, never complaining, and besides the short spell of crying because she didn't want to go on the tug boat across the bay, she went along with whatever activities we came up with. I'm so proud of Natbug. What a great weekend we had, I think we are going to start planning one for next year.
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