Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pre-Labor Day Fun



Saturday started off with a bang, we set out early for some yard sale fun with Grandmother. I gave Donovan and Natlie each $5 to spend how they wanted, and boy did they rack up, Natalie ended up with two costumes for Halloween, Dorothy and Scarecrow, Donovan informed us that he would not be the Scarecrow, so we of course told him that we were so glad he was volunteering for Dorothy. We got home in time to see Daniel before he had to go to work, and then we headed out to the beach with Mrs. Danielle and Bradley. It is always so fun to sit on the beach and listen to the waves. Natalie made a new little friend while we were there and the kids of course didn't want to leave when the time came. But we headed out and went to dinner at Riverside. I always love doing things on the weekend, but man oh man am I tired when the week begins.
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