Monday, July 20, 2009

Girls' Weekend Getaway

Natalie and I went on a weekend getaway with Nana Carol, Auntie Chell, Riley and Auntie Chell's Mom Mrs. Ilene. We left on Friday, Nana, Natalie and I got to leave early and we headed down and got to spend a little time walking on the beach at low tide and collecting shells. Auntie Chell, Riley and Mrs. Ilene got there and brought some yummy pizza down for dinner, Salodino's is worth checking out if you are in the area. Saturday morning, Nana and I got up and took a walk on the beach before everyone got up and watched the sun come up, but soon after the rain started, and it rained a good bit of the day. The girls didn't seem to mind, they got their nails painted and got pampered a little. Once the rain slowed down, we took the girls down to the beach, again it was low tide, so the water wasn't real pretty, but the girls didn't mind, they made a mud puddle and boy did they ever get muddy. We topped the night off with some dinner at Angelo's and the girls did a little after dinner dancing down stairs. Sunday was beautiful, Natalie got to see her first beach sun rise, and even got to take a walk on the beach in her pajamas. The day couldn't have been more beautiful and with not being too far from home, we weren't rushed to get back. It was a wonderful weekend, we got some great time for visiting and bonding. We will definitely be doing this again!
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