Friday, June 19, 2009

Natalie's Mishap




Natalie had a small mishap yesterday, she was playing at a friends house and they have two small dogs, one is a couple months old and the other is an older dog, Natalie was trying to hug on the puppy and the older dog got protective thinking Natalie was trying to hurt the puppy and bit her. Yes, the dog is up to date on its shots, No, it is not generally an agressive dog, and Yes, Natalie is doing okay. She had asked while we were in Urgent Care that I take pictures of her boo-boo so that she could see it, so I did and thought I would share. The first picture is shortly after we got there, as you see, no tears, just a little bored. The second picture is after they told her that she would need a shot before she got stiches and so she was crying and they brought her a green popsicle, so we had to take a picture of her green tounge to stop the tears, and the last picture is after she got her stiches. She ended up with 11 stiches, but she was really great through the whole process. She didn't cry except when they told her she was getting a shot, since she just got her well baby shots and she knew she didn't like shots, and when they irrigated the wound and put the shots into the cuts so that they could do the stiches. We are proud of our little trooper and are thankful that it wasn't any worse. If you see Natalie in the coming weeks while this is still very visible, we would only ask that you not make a big deal of it, as we don't want her to have any self image issues over it, after talking with the doctors we have every hope that this will heal nicely and that within time there will be no significant scarring, but for the next few weeks it will look worse than it is. I'm sure that Natalie will be milking this for all it is worth over the next couple of days, she has after all already gotten two popsicles before dinner, some chicken nuggets from Wendy's and a milkshake, next thing you know and she will be asking for that kitten that Daniel promised her last week.
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Mrs. terry said...

Bring on the kitten.......she looks like she needs it....maybe a cute stuffed kitten would do, huh? She looks like a brave little girl and she will be kept in our prayers for good healing as will the family who owns the dog (I'm sure they are pretty upset over this as well).

Sandy (Carol's Friend) said...

I think Princess Nat-Bug needs whatever she wants. She is handling things a lot better than I would be.

The Whaleys said...

Thank you both so much, Natalie is doing great today, she is very excited to get her stitches out tomorrow, and so are we. We were able to bypass the kitten for a trip to Dollar Tree, so I can't begin to tell you just how happy I was over that one.