Monday, May 4, 2009

Donovan's 9th Birthday

Donovan had a very eventful birthday weekend. We kicked things off on Friday with a sleepover for his best buddies from school, they boys were all great, they loved playing in the pool, they even got to stay in til dark, which was a big hit. They got to bed sometime after 1am and I had them all up at 7am for breakfast. Around 9:30 we had all of our family over to enjoy some cake and ice cream, the boys even got in a game of flag football and war before their parents came to get them. Leah gave me a little break after everyone left, she took Donovan to play at the beach with Hailey and Leaston, so it gave me a chance to get Natalie some rest, get the house cleaned back up and run a couple errands before Hailey came over on Saturday night to sleepover. For those of you who don't know Hailey has been Donovan's best friend since they were itty bitty, Hailey even gave Donovan his first kiss when he was around 1, so having Hailey over is just like having one more of my own we have all known each other so long. Anyway, the kids got up on Sunday morning around 8am and I got up and made them some breakfast, we hung out til the afternoon when Donovan, Natalie and I went to town to take some pictures at Maclay Gardens with Brandi, Edwin, Taylor and soon to be baby Mackenzie. They are such a wonderful family, Taylor reminds me alot of Donovan at that age, very curious and loves to be outside. After some time at the park, the kids and I went to TGI Fridays and Donovan had the traditional birthday embarrassment when the wait staff brought him his dessert. We winded the evening up at Target, so Donovan could spend his birthday money, and did he ever, he becomes very frugal when spending his own money. A HUGE thank you to everyone who celebrated this weekend with us, it was spectacular and I couldn't have asked for more for my big boy, who keeps reminding me that he is quickly getting closer to his teenage years, well not if I have anything to say about it :)
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