Monday, September 8, 2008

Dance Dance Baby

Ok, so before watching the video, we need a little history. The kids have started doing CHORES this week, yes that dreaded task of all children. But they do things like feed the pets, clean their room, layout their clothes for the next day and put their laundry away and they get a little sticker each day, and at the end of the week they get their allowance. Well, last week the kids earned a whold dollar, yes, Daniel says I am being cheap, but these are things they should do without monetary reward, so this is a bonus. Anyway, the kids wanted to go to the new Dollar Tree in Crawfordville and spend their dollar, so we wait until late afternoon on Saturday and the kids are soooo excited. We go into the store and the kids spend at least 10 minutes in the toy aisle and this is what we get....BTW, notice Donovan at the end, I think that may be my favorite part "Uh, you are embarrasing me, quit it"

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The Collins Clan said...

How funny! That looks like a "pee-pee but I don't wanna leave the toys" dance!